This has all the makings of an excellent opportunity for chaos. What would it take to get a couple hundred Gawker readers to show up in Washington Square with nametags that read "illegal immigrant"? I mean, I know activism isn't a strong suit here, but making other people look like idiots definitely is. Call it a… » 2/21/07 9:18am 2/21/07 9:18am

Awal, I've wondered the same thing. A little Did You Know here: John Elway's QB rating was over 80 just one time in his first ten seasons. Grossman has sucked a lot, but he's also been really good a lot. Sex Cannon or no, he's still a young shaver in this league. » 1/21/07 5:24pm 1/21/07 5:24pm

For all the talk of LJ's carries record, people need to realize that the more important record could fall next week: most total attempts, combined yards. James Wilder's single-season record is 496, I think. LJ has 456. It won't be an official record, but LJ's hamstrings really won't care whether it's a playoff game… » 1/05/07 12:20am 1/05/07 12:20am